Our Graduates

This page is a bulletin for “Where Are They Now?” information submitted by our graduates.  Please add your latest news, we all enjoy reading the latest about each other.


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  1. Lillian Woon Gassie (1989) Reply January 4, 2007 at 1:46 am

    Congratulations and thanks for putting up this UH LIS Alumni group blog. I am pleased to get this section of the site rolling, hope others will join in.

    I have switched jobs again! After 1 year with the US Government Printing Office’s Information Dissemination (Office of the Superintendent of Dcouments) as Director of Content Acquisitions, I joined the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC) in La Spezia, Italy, as Head of Information Services. Besides running the technical library, I am also responsible for records management, publishing & printing, websites, internal communication, knowledge management and public information. The job is very interesting and challenging: I enjoy working in an international environment.

  2. Hi folks,

    I graduated in 2005 and am working at Hamilton Library as a content management specialist. My projects include the library intranet and a digital repository for UH Manoa.

    I also work for the Alumni Group, and am very pleased to see Lillian has visited 🙂

  3. I graduated in 1981 and have been a librarian at Hamilton Library since 1991. My area is Hawaiian language cataloging. This summer I’m serving as acting head of the Cataloging Department.

  4. I graduated in 2001 and have worked in various academic and public library positions since then. I am currently at the Hawaii State Library in the Language, Literature, and History Section.

  5. I graduated from LIS in Fall 2001. I’m currently working on my CIS PhD at UH, working on developing a new interactive narrative system. (Basically, a kind of role-playing computer game that generates well-formed stories based the user’s actions in the story world.) I’ll probably graduate from CIS in a year or so.

  6. Aloha,
    I graduated from GSLS (that was the name before LIS)in the Fall of 1985. I have worked as librarian and Branch Manager at Molokai Public Library since 1986. Just FYI, our public library is the only one on the island and is one of 51 libraries in the Hawaii State Public Library System. We just celebrated the library’s 70th anniversary on May 16.

  7. Hi –
    I graduated from SLIS in 1992 and want to know if Lillian needs any help in Italy! Lillian, do you speak Italian? I took two years in college and can still say Ciao.

  8. Aloha all,
    I am currently working as the Children’s Librarian at the Kahuku Public and School Library. It’s a bit of a drive since now I am living in Ewa Beach! But the drive to and from is very relaxing. Since I graduated in 2005, this is my first job. I am an 89 day hire-full time but my job ends after Summer Reading is all pau in July but I am currently iting to hear from 2 libraries that I interviewed with for YA Librarian-ewa Beach )oh so close to home) and Waipahu (also oh so close!).
    I’d really love to stay here in Kahuku andif no one gets hired from this last recruitment, I will be able to interview!Keep good thoughts for me.
    I may hve a job ffer in Steamboat Springs, Colordo where my son resides…but cold wether—40 below sometimes as much as 3 months out of the winter?—I think not!
    Paradise—better—warm weather—!!!
    A hui hou—Debbie Dennison

  9. Aloha,
    I graduated Dec. 2006 and currently work at Yale University as a science librarian. Thanks for creating this blog, it’s a great way to interact with the Alumni group!
    – Joe

  10. Aloha everyone,

    I graduated in December of 2003. I’m a children’s librarian in the Charleston County Public Library System, Otranto Road Regional Branch. It’s a great position full of storytimes and great school-age programs. We are really busy right now in the midst of Summer Reading.
    South Carolina is great, but Hawaii is always in my heart. Thanks for creating this blog to stay in touch. I hope to make it to ALA someday and hook up with the Alumni Group there.

    Take care, Jessica

  11. Patricia Price Ays Reply June 11, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    I graduated in 1980 and worked at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics library until 1987 when I started to work for Uncle Sam. I am the Reference librarian in the technical reports section of the Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center Technial Research Center at Picatinny Arsenal. We are located 40 miles west of New York City. We design all the guns and ammunition the Army and Marines use. We are in the process of downsizing our library due to environmental factors; have to reduce our footprint by 50%. Once we get small enough we can be moved to a ‘better’ building with fewer problems. We are also digitizing our archives, both unclassified and classified – a BIG project. I am looking forward to retirement in early 2008.
    Take care, Pat

  12. Colleen M. Veomett Reply June 12, 2007 at 8:42 am

    Hi! I am a Summer 1982 graduate. This blog is a great idea! I am in south central Washington State. I am applying for the position at Leeward CC. Has anyone else applied for it? I’d like to return home to Hawaii where I was raised and went to Library School. I hope to see some posts from some of my class mates.


  13. I graduate in Spring 2007. I am going to go back to the Tibet Library in Lhasa. I would love to stay in touch with you and learn more from you. Thanks!

  14. Reply to Nimagesang,
    Congratulations! Please stay in touch since I want to hear about your library in Lhasa. I was on a trip last Christmas when I visited Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Someday I would love to see Tibet. Have a good trip home.

  15. Gabrielle Casart Reply June 14, 2007 at 3:18 pm

    I graduated from GSLS (olden days) in 1976 and have been with the Hawaii State Public Library System since then! I’ve worked on Oahu, Kauai and am now Branch Manager at the small Laupahoehoe Public & School library. Best Wishes to all “liberry school” graduates!

  16. Aloha –
    I graduated in Spring 2005 and currently work as a science librarian at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Baltimore. I miss Hawaii!!

  17. I graduated in 2005 and currently work as a librarian at Chaminade University in Honolulu. Thanks to everyone who left comments, it’s great to hear from you!

  18. Greetings Everyone!

    I graduated in Spring 2006. I’m currently the librarian at Hawaii Tokai International College in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    This blog is a great idea and thanks for everyone for leaving comments!

  19. Aloha! I graduated in August 1976 (last name then was Yoneda). I’m currently the Engineering/Math Subject Specialist at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA (located in Silicon Valley–40 miles south of San Francisco).
    I have been here (and have been an academic librarian) for 5 years. In my previous library life, I was a special librarian working in high tech for over 20 years. Academia was a big but welcome change from the corporate world.
    At Santa Clara University, a new state-of-the-art library combined with a technology center is under construction-slated to open Spring Quarter next year–if you are in this area, and would like to see it, please let me know.

    I was born and raised on Maui, and visit my family in Hawaii as often as I can.

    Thank you for creating this blog!

    Susan Boyd
    University Library
    Santa Clara University

  20. Aloha – I graduated back in the Pleistocene – circa 1981. I bounced around the UH system, various departments in Hamilton Library and other state agencies in temporary jobs until I joined the University of Hawaii at Manoa Hamilton Library Systems Dept in 1987. The last 20 years have been a very very interesting and strange trip…

  21. Hi Everyone,
    I graduated in Summer 2006.I am working as a Public Services Support Librarian at the Richmond Public Library in the East Bay of San Francisco.
    I work at the Children’s Reference and Adult Reference desks.I am assigned a couple of special projects.One of which will interest my fellow students who were with me in my Film Collections class last summer.In a few months we are going to be showing movies made by Alfred Hitchcock and were made around BA locations.
    Congratulations on a great website.

  22. Hiya!

    Graduated in Fall 2004. Currently employed by the Hawaii State Public Library System as a Young Adult Librarian at the Waikiki-Kapahulu Public Library. Please drop by the library and say “hi” if you’re in the area.

  23. Aloha kakou! A 1999 graduate, my summer internship with Martha Chantiny prepared me well for my present position that might be described as creator of digital collections at Kamehameha Schools Archives where I am assistant archivist. We are a research library and document and artifact respository for information about Kamehameha Schools history. E ‘olu ‘olu, e kipa mai. Please come and visit. One of your classmates may be one of a dozen Kamehameha Schools librarians. I see many of you at professional workshops and thank you for sharing your expertise. Great to learn what you’re all doing. Me ke aloha pumehana, na’u na–

  24. Aloha,

    I graduated on Aug. 12, 2007. I’m now working at Tripler Army Medical Center Library on a one-year contract. I’m still trying to sort out all the uniforms and ranks but the lunches here are all around $3.00 (such a nice change from the overpriced meals at UHM). Will be looking for something permanent in about 10 months. I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot.

    I’ve also got a second web job with Blueplanet. Its a great at-home web job.

    Hope to see some of you at the HLA in Kauai in November….

  25. Hi,
    I graduated in Dec. 1997. I stationed at Tripler Army Medical Center while working on my undergraduate at UH. Now I am a cataloger at National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD, just north of Washington, D.C.

  26. Aloha,

    I graduated in 1981 (hi Martha and Ruth!). After working in public and university libraries in Oregon, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Florida, I started a freelance indexing business and moved to Washington State. My husband Kevin has joined me in the business and I absolutely love it!

  27. Hello all,
    I graduated in 1999 and since then have been focused on technology in libraries – both as a trainer in Seattle and then as state library consultant in Virginia. I’m now back in Seattle as the project coordinator for TechAtlas, a free-online technology planning tool for libraries (owned by OCLC). I’m really enjoying it, but I always miss Hawaii!

  28. Hello UH LIS Alumni!

    Leslie Wood
    Graduated May 2005
    Working as a solo librarian at the John Rishel Mineral Information Center in Douglas, Alaska. It includes everything from collection development, to reference, to website maintenance, to original cataloging (yikes!).

    Leslie Wood, February 2006
    (Moved from another part of site by site admin)

  29. graduated 5/05
    Working for a publisher called bepress out in Berkeley, down the street from the university. Not going to SLA but am planning on going to ALA in June. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Dayni Kuo
    February 16, 2006
    (moved from another part of site by site admin)

  30. Hi LIS Alumni!

    I graduated in Spring 2004 and work as the Young Adult Librarian for the Manoa Public Library. I just made my three-year anniversary in this position and I am very happy. Last summer I taught LIS 682 Young Adult Books and Media for HITS. It’s so rewarding to know there are such enthusiastic future librarians in the LIS program!

    I’m still active in the Hawaii Opera Theatre–performing in Romeo et Juliette (Gounod) and Don Carlo (Verdi) next 2008 season. I’m also happily involved in Beta Phi Mu Xi Chapter as the events chairwoman–we throw some amazing parties! My current project is doing my family’s genealogical history.

    Love reading about LIS alumni–congratulations on a successful blog!

  31. I’m a December 2004 graduate, one of the flood survivors (“Thank you, Loraine”). I had my second anniversary in June 2007 as a full-time librarian in the Federal Documents Section at the Hawaii State Library. I ring English handbells with my church bell choir and participate in local races. I completed the Komen Hawaii Race for the Cure in October and am trying to get a team of seven librarians to register for the Great Aloha Run on President’s Day 2008. So far I have four positive responses and one “maybe”. Looking for two, maybe three more runners or walkers.

  32. Aloha,
    I graduated in 1999 and have been with the Hawaii State Public Library System since 2000. I started at the Hawaii State Library, but am now the Branch Manager for the Waimanalo Public & School Library. It’s nice to see familiar names.

  33. Hi
    I graduated in summer 1980, I see my class mate Pat Price’s comment. I have been working as chief librarian at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology for last 25 years. I am in University of Illinios Urbana Champaign for my Fulbright Schollar program since Sept 2007. I will be in the US untils end of July. I would like to visit my alma marter, Its nice to see all my teachers in the emiritus professor list. Please let me know if some thing interesting is comming up I can arrange my visit. Fulbritht pays for my travel if I have a lecture scheduled. My major interest is Human Resource development and baby boomer librarians. It will be nice meeting old friends and new generation librarians. If you are keeping GSLIS catalog archives please see my picture with Dr. John Liede learning to use OCLC computer terminal. 1979 or 1980.
    best wishes for all Hawaii librarians.

  34. Analu Kameeiamoku Josephides Reply November 17, 2007 at 10:57 am

    Aloha Kakou,

    I graduated Spring Class of 2007. I began working for Alu Like Inc. Native Hawaiian Library in February as their Librarian in Training and as of my graduation date May 07 became their Librarian. I over see 5 libraries, 1 in Miloli South Kona island of Hawaii, 1 in Waipa Hanalei Kauai, 1 in Molokai, 1 in Honolulu, and the other in Nanakuli serving K-8th. This month makes it abt 10 months employment and on Dec 3 I will leave Alu Like Inc Native Hawaiian Library and become the full time school librarian at my Nanakuli sight serving K-8th. I had asked to take this library on as a special project so if anyone is interested in my old Librarian position at Alu Like it is available and they are accepting aplications so call 808-535-1355 and inquire.

    Shout out to my Big Sista Lillian…I miss you

    O Au Iho No,


  35. I graduated in Spring 2005 and returned to Maui High School where there are two school librarians. We are so lucky to have a new iMac lab with 25 computers, thanks to a grant for student research. Our building’s AC problems are not good for my sinuses, so I hope we get some relief soon. Otherwise, life in the school library is a dream come true. My grad school experience was grand! Thanks to an excellent faculty and dedicated secretary (Gail Morimoto), I have fond memories of my LIS days.

  36. Aloha,
    I graduated in Spring 2005 and am now working as adult reference librarian in the Springville Public Library in Utah. We are currently trying to pass a bond so that we can build a new, much larger library. I had no idea that library work would be so political. I enjoyed hearing from all of you and look forward to learning more.

  37. Aloha! I graduated in Spring 2005 and am currently teaching English in Japan (although I still have aspirations of becoming a children’s librarian). Previously, I worked at the Hawaii State Library in Telephone Reference for a year. LIS was one of the most encouraging environments I ever expereienced. I hope to connect with some of my old classmates. Please check out my own blog too at mikawika.wordpress.com Byeeeeeeeee!

  38. Hi,
    I graduated in Fall 2004 and have been at Hawaii Pacific University (Meader Library, downtown) since 2001, first as a Library Assistant and now as the Electronic Resources Librarian. Have a prosperous 2008!

  39. Aloha,

    I graduated in Spring 2006 and, after six wonderful years in Hawaii, have reluctantly relocated to San Francisco. I just recently accepted a job at Golden Gate University, where I am working as the electronic resources librarian. It’s cold here and I miss the LIS ʻohana (oh, and Leonard’s malasadas) something fierce, but San Francisco does have a certain charm. Some day I hope to return to the islands, though, as Hawaii is home!

  40. Hi Everyone,

    I graduated in December 2005. I was recruited from UH for the County of Los Angeles Public Library (COLAPL) I am managing a small library in the high desert (think cold, dodging tumbleweeds and hot–all in the same day) about 60 miles north west of Los Angeles.

    So far our “Hawaii Mafia” has grown a bit in the past year. Yuri Kenney, Mathew Rose, Victoria & Vanessa Vallejos all work with the system. In fact Victoria and Vanessa live in a neighboring apartment complex. It’s nice to have friendly alums nearby to build a network in an otherwise sprawling county and library system.

  41. Congratulations Christian! I hope to be up your way in the fall. Maybe I can get Lillian back to Las Vegas and we can all meet there!

  42. Aloha!

    I graduated in 1994. I worked at Hamilton Library for a year before moved to Kapiolani Community College as the automation librarian. I move to Sacramento in 2003 as the Digital Information Services Librarian. I am very pleased to see this blog, and see so many people here. I am especially glad to finally find Lillian!

    Anyone going to ALA this year (2008)? Hope to see you in June!

  43. Great to see so many familiar names and find out what people are up to! I graduated May 2004 and am managing the New River Marine Corps Station Library in Jacksonville, NC. I spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii last year on vacation and am missing it as usual.
    Anyone going to ALA midwinter in Denver?

  44. Lillian Woon Gassie Reply October 15, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Have not been on this blog for a while, great to see many more comments, and some familiar names. Hello Bin Z., Laura G., Pat A. (whom I know from Military Librarians meetings). I am still in Italy, love it here but the language is still a challenge. We had an Oktoberfest social recently at my Centre in La Spezia and I sat at a table with 2 other UH alumni–what are the chances of that happening? Come and visit (contact me at gmail, under lgassie). Ciao!

  45. Congratulations on a great looking newsletter – loved reading about everything that’s happening. I’m a 1993 grad – recently retired and loving the time to work out, kayak, and join my husband in renovating our home. I subbed for Julie Tomomitsu at Ma`ema`e for a semester. What fun! I do like long term subbing – K-12!

  46. Aloha everyone!
    I graduated in December 1992. It’s nice to see so many familiar names! I spent 1993-1999 at the UH School of Law Library then took a two year leave of absence to serve on active duty with the US Air Force. I returned to librarianship in late 2001 working at Hamilton and Leeward CC Libraries before landing my current position as a Systems Librarian at Hamilton Library in 2002. I’m still adjunct faculty in the LIS Program teaching an information technology course (LIS 602) once a year and hope to teach a film course with fellow grad Yati Paseng (nee Bernard) in Fall 2009. Keep up the great work on the newsletter!

  47. Jessica (Porneluzi) Hogan Reply January 21, 2009 at 11:37 am

    Aloha and Happy New Year!

    I am happy to report I have a new job as a reference and instructional librarian at Trident Technical College in Charleston, South Carolina. I love it so far. The students are great. I also became a mom this year and have a 9 month old little girl who keeps me very busy. I’d love to visit Hawaii again soon. Maybe this summer? ;c) Take care and mahalo for keeping up this blog.

  48. Aloha,
    I graduated in Fall 2001 and got an emergency hire job as a teen librarian with HSPL (Kalihi Palama branch) two weeks later. I then worked at HPU as a natural sciences librarian before being hired by San Francisco Public Library. I have worked here as Seniors Outreach Librarian, providing services to seniors and people who cannot visit the library, for seven years. San Francisco is a great place to live and work, but Hawai’i is home.

  49. Aloha,
    I graduated in 1971 [GSLS days] and have worked at many different jobs since, including a stint as a Special Collections cataloger at Manoa. Most of my time has been spent in academia–currently I am director at South University, Montgomery, and love my job.
    The changes over the past 4 decades have been exciting and continue to keep me interested, yet I marvel at how the basics of library work and ethics are the same–what a solid foundation I got at UH!

  50. Hi everyone,
    I graduated in May 1994. Wondering if anyone has a list of the graduates that year. Am trying to track down some old friends and after all these year have forgotten last names.

  51. I am the children’s librarian at the Asian Branch of Oakland Public Library. Recently I have been translating traditional English songs/fingerplays into Mandarin for storytime. There’s a mouse in the branch.

  52. Hi everyone. I am a journalism student at UH Manoa and working on a story about the renovation of Hamilton library since 2004 flooding. I am looking to talk to students who were affected by the damage during their time at UH. If you or anyone you know could meet with me for a quick chat please contact me. (949) 903 4688 or my e-mail Marlo@hawaii.edu. Thanks so much!
    -Marlo Sciarra

    • If you haven’t done so yet, you should ask the Alumni Association if they will make an email request to all the alumni.

  53. Hey all!

    Just found this blog so my news is very late. I have been working at Kahuku Public and School Library as a Children’s Librarian since 2008. It’s been a great experience so far! I’ve learned a lot on the job and find it rewarding every time a child gives me a hug or tells me thank you, simply for reading them a book (no matter how badly I may have read it ^_^)

    I’m also a sorta new mother to a little boy Colin who just made 1 this past June.

  54. After some 3.5 years in chilly San Francisco, I’ve moved back to Oahu. I’m out at Chaminade University now, fumbling my way through technical services. It’s so great to be back in Hawaii! Let me know if you want to come see the Sullivan Library and I’ll give you a tour. 🙂

  55. Aloha,

    I graduated in December 1996. My first Librarian job was at the Telephone Reference and Information Desk Section at the Hawaii State Library in 1998. In 2000, I moved to the Federal Documents Section and was promoted to Section Head in 2002. Come up and visit us. I will gladly show you around. You will be surprised at all the things we have. Go group!!!

    Take care and have fun,

  56. Aloha kakou,

    I graduated in December 1992. I’ve been here in the UH Library Systems Office for nine years — can’t believe it’s been that long. We’ve gone through four major software upgrades to Hawaii Voyager, a 100-year flood that destroyed the computer server room, having a department operating in two locations for over 5 years as a result of the 2004 flood, but the department is finally back together again with a rebuilt server room (on a higher floor to mitigate flooding). All in all, working with fellow SLIS/LIS Program graduates has kept me sane and smiling. If you want a tour of the rebuilt computer server room, let me know. 🙂

  57. Hi All:
    I graduated in 2005 and have been working at Leeward Community College since 2008. Hope everyone will get a chance to share their current news. I love reading about my fellow SLIS/LIS Program graduates! If anyone is in the Leeward area, please come and visit!

  58. Aloha!

    I graduated in December 2008 and previously worked at UH Manoa’s own Hamilton Library as the Content Management System / Institutional Repository Specialist for about two years. Its great having this site to keep in contact with all my classmates and friends!

  59. Aloha!

    I graduated from the LIS program at the end of 2001. Since May 2002 I have been Outreach Services Librarian at the University of Alaska Southeast, and recently received tenure/promotion to Associate Professor. I like it here, but I do miss my time in Hawaii. I recently went to Maui for a short vacation, but 9 days was not enough! We do have other UH Manoa grads here in Juneau, and I do think so fondly of my time in Sinclair and Hamilton Libraries, and the LIS program faculty, and my classmates. Please drop me a line to say hello!

  60. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out this site. It’s nice to see familiar names and read about all of the diverse positions being held.
    I recently decided to leave the federal library system and am now the regional director of the Okefenokee Regional Library System. It’s quite a change but southeast Georgia, along the coast is a very beautiful and ecologically diverse area. Old freinds please amil me at tr1498@yahoo.com so we can catch up.

  61. Fond greetings to all.
    I arrived in Honolulu in August 1989 to begin work in the SLIS program, which I finished in December 1990. What a turning of corners for libraries that period of time showed to be…..I can’t hardly believe that 22 years have passed since those days, now of long ago. I have been cataloging librarian for the University of Guam Library since July 1991. It’s been a wild and crazy ride, but an amazing one that the role of a librarian has afforded a unique point of view to experience and witness the changes and developments. Congratulations to one an all, best wishes, Aloha.

  62. Somehow I missed this blog earlier so I’m coming REALLY late to this party. I got my MLIS in 1992 then worked at SLIS as the student services officer until 1997, at which time I moved to the mainland. I’ve been working as a technical writer in the SF Bay Area for close to 15 years for a large software company (Sybase), which got bought by an even larger company (SAP) a few years ago. Although I was able to oversee the corporate library here for a few years, my main job is to write software manuals (primarily for an enterprise-level SQL database server program). You’d think it had nothing to do with librarianship, but you’d be surprised. I use my organizational skills in my job all the time, and our writing team also produces our own indexes in our manuals, and the indexing stuff I learned in library school are absolutely invaluable, let me tell you. You’ll be surprised (or maybe not) at how little understanding most people have about developing an index. “It’s not the tool; it’s all in the mind” I say all the time. Having a solid grounding on understanding the organization of information, and text-based databases also helped a great deal in understanding SQL, as well. Cheers!

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