April Alumni Dinner Recap

The LIS Alumni Group held its annual reunion at EAT Catering & Café in the Gentry Pacific Design Center in Honolulu. Approximately 40 Alumni and friends reconnected and caught up with each other as they enjoyed a wonderful variety of delicious offerings prepared by Chef Dave. Highlights of the evening included guest speaker Catherine Toth, award-winning writer, columnist, blogger, videographer, photographer, and Kapiolani CC instructor (1996 UHM BA English) who captivated and entertained alumni and friends with her talk on social media in education. In addition, we raised $695 from the silent auction that included an Apple TV, and iPod Shuffle, along with numerous superb wines that were generously donated by Carol Yamaguchi Kellett (1992). A fine time was had by all and the Alumni Group is planning another event for Fall of this year.


About Christian

Is a 2006 graduate of the UHM LIS program and currently technical service librarian at Chaminde University in Honolulu. Prior to Chaminade, he was the e-resources librarian for Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Aside from professional interests, he is an Apple fanboy, a Star Trek & Dr. Who nerd, and an all-to-frequent participant in Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcaft MMORPG.

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