New Paint Job

Welcome to the improved LIS Alumni Blog! We’ve spruced the place up a bit and intend to make this a more dynamic and active venue for documenting what’s going on within the alumni group as well as the activities of our graduates.

The goal with this “reboot” (as they say with TV/film franchises) is to highlight our graduates and share their accomplishments with other UH LIS graduates.

For example, we’ll have a semi-regular feature that interviews a UH LIS graduate and explores what they’ve been doing since obtaining their degree. Also, we want to know when you publish something — send us a citation or DOI and we’ll post it here for everyone to see!

Have you changed jobs recently? Let us know!
Have you won an award or a grant? Let us know!
Does your library have a job opening? Send us a note and we’ll advertise it!

Don’t be shy! Toot your own horn, or toot it for someone you know.

As the days unfold, we’ll be posting updates on changes and new features to the blog, so check back periodically.



About Christian

Is a 2006 graduate of the UHM LIS program and currently technical service librarian at Chaminde University in Honolulu. Prior to Chaminade, he was the e-resources librarian for Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Aside from professional interests, he is an Apple fanboy, a Star Trek & Dr. Who nerd, and an all-to-frequent participant in Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcaft MMORPG.

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