Lynette Furuhashi Retires

Senior Pacific Specialist librarian Lynette Furuhashi has retired from the University of Hawaii-Manoa library, effective December 31, 2010. Lynette’s career as a librarian spanned more than 30 years, all of it in the library’s Pacific Collection. She began as an intern under the late Renee Heyum, who was the Collection’s first curator, and later joined the staff as a librarian. Following Heyum’s retirement, Lynette worked with the late Karen Peacock to continue building the collection into what is today recognized as one of the world’s premiere assemblies of Pacific material. While Karen often served as the more public face of the Pacific Collection, Lynette worked tirelessly behind the scenes, and remains one of the world’s experts on the acquisition and management of Pacific library materials.

Researchers throughout the world have also greatly benefited over the years from Lynette’s assistance, both in person and via her long-distance reference assistance. We wish Lynette all the best as she enters this new phase of her life, and while we will greatly miss her day-to-day presence, we are comforted by the fact that she has agreed to come in on a regular basis as a volunteer.

The Pacific Collection is currently in the process of recruiting a new Pacific Specialist librarian; in the meantime, all correspondence regarding the collection should be directed to Stu Dawrs.


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