News update from Dr. Drew

Aloha Students and Grads,

I hope that you’re all having a good holiday season. I just wanted to make sure that you’ve seen our profession highlighted in the news and editorial pages:

This morning’s editorial (Hon Adv) “Public libraries help our democracy thrive”

“Hawaii libraries face challenges ahead” (19 Dec 07 Hon Adv) [Front page!]

“Final $3.8 million released for bigger Manoa library” (19 Dec 07 Hon Adv)

“WHAT I’M READING” | JO ANN SCHINLDER State Librarian (16 Dec 07 Hon Adv)
(now in pay-only archives & print)

Recent grad Baron Baroza in the Star Bulletin’s BUZZ

Please let us know if you have any other news. There is a Yiddish word — kvelling (deriving pride and joy through another’s achievements which you feel part of) — that describes how we feel when we hear of what you’ve done.  Please be sure to pass on such good news. Besides kvelling it would be nice to be able to tell a few of your stories as part of our accreditation study 🙂

Please e-mail us your news at

Current students, please make sure your adviser knows of your latest achievements, so we can recognize you, and record it in your folder.

OK, back to your holiday celebrations. Have a great 2008!




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