Hello world!

This is the UH Library & Information Science Alumni weblog. We’re not exactly sure what we”ll have here in the coming months, but we hope to have library-related news and personal updates about our graduates. Stay tuned!

If you’d like to leave us a note or read what others have said, click on the comments and you will be able to write a comment and read other comments.


About LIS Alumni Group

The blog for the University of Hawaii Library & Information Science Alumni Group.

3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Hello UH LIS Alumni!
    This is a great idea – I’d like to hear what everyone is up to. And is anyone else thinking about attending SLA ’06 in Baltimore?

    Leslie Wood
    Graduated May 2005
    Working as a solo librarian at the John Rishel Mineral Information Center in Douglas, Alaska. It includes everything from collection development, to reference, to website maintenance, to original cataloging (yikes!).

  2. graduated 5/05
    Working for a publisher called bepress out in Berkeley, down the street from the university. Not going to SLA but am planning on going to ALA in June. Hope everyone is doing well.

  3. We have not had anybody help organize an alumni get-together at SLA. It will be great if we can get that going again.

    We hope to announce events at ALA soon! Stay tune.

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